Friday, September 5, 2008


So I was sitting in th* B*nd, Or*gon Library today, and ov*rhard a middl*-ag*d man g*tting v*ry ups*t with his comput*r. I don't know what th* probl*m was, but a str*am of nasty words cam* pouring from his mouth. I was shock*d. I'd hav* probably b**n shock*d if h*'d b**n 20 y*ars young*r, too.

I hav* to admit that I wasn't v*ry sympath*tic to his situation. I'd r*ad a short story onc* wh*r* all th* inappropriat* languag* was chang*d to "milk." So I was imagining what it would b* lik* if all his words w*r* chang*d to som*thing *ls*. And th*n, I was just r*ally glad h* wasn't using my comput*r. I can't imagin* th* word choic* that would spring forth if h* had to d*al with D*ll.

Don't g*t my wrong h*r*, I lov* my D*ll. W*'v* put a lot of mil*s in tog*th*r. But it all start*d with a pos*ss*d H k*y and progr*ss*d from th*r* (partly th* r*sult of a dog attack on th* k*yboard).

For th* last y*ar I'v* b**n missing th* cov*rs for som* of th* k*ys, but for th* last month or so it's b**n downhill. My * k*y no long*r works at all. I m*an it looks lik* it would, but th* * cov*r is on th* W k*y, and th* * k*y is missing *v*rything.

If my mous* go*s, th*n w*'r* all out of luck as I won't b* abl* to copy and past* *'s anymor*.

Imagin* how difficult it is to fill out job applications without an * k*y, or much l*ss writ* any s*nt*nc*. I'm l*arning to think of mor* words without * in th*m - it's a lot mor* tim* consuming to writ* without a l*tt*r as vital as th* *. I m*an, why couldn't it hav* b**n th* Q or X? I could g*t by without thos* l*tt*rs. (I think).

What r*ally n**ds to happ*n is for m* to g*t a job soon, so I can at l*ast r*plac* th* k*yboard. I am sur* that D*ll and I hav* a lot mor* to say. In th* m*antim* I promis* to go back to copy and past*.

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