Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 22 - One moment at a time

Moment by moment. That's how I am learning to live. I am extending this happiness challenge, as 21 days was simply not enough. I continue to wake each day and try to meditate on the phrase, "God is here. He is with me. He will see me through."

Today, I  read back over Peale's suggestions for prayer. One stood out to me today. He reminds readers to be willing to accept God's will. It's okay to ask for what you want, but be willing to take what God gives. Remembering that what he has may be better for you.

Moment by moment I am doing my best to trust that God is still in control. Today I am trusting that God, the healer, God, the restorer, will heal hurts, mend dreams, and bring blessings unimaginable. Psalm 84 says, "No good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you."

Blessed or happy is the man who trusts in God. Did you hear that? Today, in this moment, I choose to continue to trust in God. 

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