Friday, March 9, 2012

friday fancy

When I was in junior high, the other kids used to say that I sounded like an "old lady." I'm not 100% sure what they meant by that. I used big words? I spoke in a proper fashion? My voice was shaky? At the time, I admit I was more prone to say, "Oh dear," when startled or upset rather than something more salty. Honestly, though, I don't know what it means to talk like an old lady. But I apparently I did. 

This week I was again accused of being an "old lady." Why? I went to a quilter's guild for the first time. And it was pretty inspiring. 

I'm kind of a learn by trial and error type of person. I'll generally teach myself something before I take a class or ask for help. Sewing isn't something I've been doing long. And while I am generally a rule follower, I have a hard time following directions when it comes to cooking and sewing. I tend to guesstimate and "wing it" (a lot). 

I am working on a project that I can't share yet. But I was inspired by all the unique and different quilts in progress. I was many times more productive at the quilter's guild, then I typically am at home. Plus I was surrounded by people who know oh so much more than I do. When I ran into a problem, I simply had to turn to my neighbor for help. 

Photo by Kayla at Central Oregon Modern Quilter's Guild
I had to crop it to hide my project. No peeking!

Who or what have you been inspired by this week? Do you have any creative projects in the works? 


  1. I think turning to your neighbor for help is often hard to do but usually rewarding in all sorts of ways.

    1. But it's so much easier to do when they're sitting right next to you.