Friday, March 23, 2012

friday fancy

I'm not sure how many of you all wear TOMS Shoes. It's a great cause. You buy a shoe and they give a shoe to child who needs 'em. They're pretty comfortable too. I was gifted a burlap pair last year to take on my trip to Cambodia (which you can read about by visiting the "elsewhere" tab at the top of the page). They were the only shoes I wore my entire time overseas. Seriously. 

The trouble is, and any of you who wear the classic TOMS know this, is that if you wear them hard enough or long enough, the fabric will begin to fray. And soon your little piggies will start to poke out the front. The thing is, except for the holes at the toe, the shoes still have plenty more wear. I suppose we could all start walking around with our big toes exposed, or we can find a fix. 

Ashley over at came up with a little tutorial for a custom repair. Her blog is worth a read for all sorts of creative inspiration. Photography. Crafting. DIY shoe fixes. And last night I finally used her tutorial to fix my sad looking TOMS. 

I didn't get a before picture for you all, but this was the quick shot a took with my phone on the way to work this morning. I'm not sure that I'm in love with the fabric I chose, but I figure it's an easy change if I decide to go with another color or print. 


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    1. Thanks, Nike! I'm trying to imagine them paired with warm weather clothes. The temperatures around here aren't helping.

  2. Next time you have another pair to fix, come over to my place and we can go grab some material and do it together. I have two pairs that need help!

    1. I only have the one pair, but pick the day and I'll help you fix yours!