Thursday, March 1, 2012


Welcome to Want of Writers!

Where did the name come from? Boethius. A philosopher who once wrote: "Now, how many, most famous while they lived, are altogether forgotten for want of writers." He was addressing the issue of fame and goes on to add that stories often die with their author. But I happen to be a storyteller. While I have no aspirations of fame, I go on writing stories in the hope that a few won't be completely forgotten.

This is a place for telling stories. A place for sharing. For living. It's my hope that you'll feel at home here. That we'll be able to swap stories and inspire each other. 

Grab a hot (or cold) beverage, curl up in your favorite chair (like SheldonCooper I’ve already claimed my corner of the couch), and join the conversation.  

(I'm still making a few changes around here after a couple of starts and stops in the land of blog. Please bear with me as I figure it all out.) 


  1. Gladly. Also, love the Sheldon reference. ;-)

    1. Thanks for joining, Nike. Isn't that show great?