Thursday, March 8, 2012

tough ladies

I come from a long line of strong women.

Women like Grandma Shelby. Widowed at 28, she was left to care for and raise three young children. She went back to school to get her GED and eventually her nursing degree. For as long as I can remember she worked as a prison nurse. She’s a tough, tough lady.
Grandma Shelby and me

Women like Grandma Gwen who took two children into the jungles of Ecuador with her husband to minister to the native tribes. Then welcomed another son into this world while in country. She’s the one who could be found on Sunday morning’s alongside her minister husband playing music or singing, teaching Sunday school or cooking meals.

Then there’s my own mama. I remember falling asleep to the clicking of her keyboard many nights, then waking up the next morning to the same sound. She uses her talents to speak out for those who can’t. To speak out against issues like child abuse.

I’ve had an easy life thanks to these women who worked hard to make a better life for their children. I’ve had opportunities so many young girls don’t. I was encouraged to go to school and to pursue my own dreams.

Maybe it’s because I know how they struggled to create this life for me. Maybe it’s because I know not every girl gets the chances I got. Maybe that’s why I care so much about women’s rights. Maybe the reason the girls at Transitions Global mean so much to me is that I know every girl ought to have the chance I got. Every girl deserves to be protected.  To feel safe. To have a chance to pursue her dreams.

Today is International Women’s Day. Who are the women who have shaped your life? Who have encouraged you to pursue your dreams and passions? 

And check out some other strong women I know doing important things at Someone's Child.


  1. You make so proud to see you in their footsteps! Hugs, Da

  2. Me,too. Very proud. Just wish you could have known the other strong women -- Granny Leona and Granny Ruth. They'd be so proud of you.

  3. You both are very kind. You must have done your job well. Wish I could've known all the other grannies too. Thanks for reading.

  4. Henshaw women are a force to be reckoned with as well. My Aunt Deb and Grandma had the greatest influence on me as a child and even now I don't know what I'd do without their wisdom.