Tuesday, April 24, 2012

feeling tall

For the last few months, Saturday mornings have found me learning something new. I am a fair weather runner. I don't usually run in the rain or the snow. I don't run when it's too hot. And when I run in April, I wind up sick. My allergies flare up the first week of April ever year, and it's all over. 

I don't like treadmills, and have never motivated myself enough to get to a gym. But then someone I knew started to teach a boxing class. 

Now, I have said countless times that I need a punching bag for when I'm upset or frustrated, so I jumped at the chance to learn about boxing and get my exercise in at the same time. 

Anytime I learn something new, I feel strange at first. Awkward and insecure. I was sore for days after my first lesson. But I haven't given up. And it feels good to get up and have somewhere to go on Saturday morning. To start the weekend full of energy. It's been a few months since I started. Now, when I walk out the doors, sweaty and tired, I feel taller. Often still sore. But somehow tall. And for someone who is only 5'4'', that's saying something. 


  1. Wait, you're only 5'4"? Are you sure?

    1. Oh the memories! This cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh.

    2. I seriously did a double take to make sure I read that right. You're an Amazon Shelby!

    3. It happened again. Someone asked me if I was 5'7". How is this possible?