Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update: Rodents and Good Company

Do you remember how I worried about setting poison to kill the mice? How I feared my basement would end up a graveyard for all the suicidal critters who ate the stuff? The managers in charge of the place where I live assured me that would not happen. So we set the poison.

Guess what? Last week, I traipsed downstairs to put something away and can you imagine what I found there? A rodent splayed out, as if it had died mid dash across the room. Thankfully. And luckily for me (because we all know I don't like to clean up dead rodents), Mr. Maintenance Man was set to arrive later that day and he promptly hauled the decomposing fellow off to the trash bin. (You can all thank me for not taking photos.) And Mr. Maintenance Man finished the rest of the sealing needed to keep future invaders out of my cupboards (fingers crossed).

I began to feel better about the whole mouse situation at an impromptu gathering with neighbors. People who've heard about my neighborhood liken us to Mayberry. I met up with the neighborhood when I walked down the block for Sunday's Veteran's Day Parade. When the flag-waving ended, we gathered at a home mid-block for coffee and tea and baked goods and hot soup. Slowly over the course of the afternoon, everyone told a story about the mice problems they've had this year, and what they've had to do to get rid of them. I did win the worst place to have mice awards with mice in my silverware drawer (silverware will never again live in that drawer -- the one and only drawer in my kitchen). At least now I know I'm in good company, and who to call if faced with another invasion.

Of course if this mouse problem continues, I'm going to have to learn how to do this, just so I can share with you all:

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