Tuesday, June 18, 2013

danger . . . or false alarm

Have you ever had a normal boring day turn upside down? Where one thing,  one choice, one action changes everything? Turns the day from dull to high-alert? Let me tell you how a whole neighborhood spent 20 minutes looking for me last weekend.

The day started off simply enough. I went to the boxing gym like I do nearly every Saturday morning. I got home around 11 and thought I'd whip up some pancakes before getting cleaned up. I had a couple of cakes on the griddle when my phone rang at around 11:20. It was my little sis. I'd forgotten that I told her I'd go dress shopping with her. 

She told me which store she wanted to go to. I told her I wouldn't be ready for another hour. We hung up without any further plans. Just that we were going dress shopping after I got ready in about an hour. At least that's how I remember it. 

I finished my pancakes. Sat on the back patio and ate them in the sunshine. I cleaned up the kitchen. And headed upstairs to get myself cleaned up around noon. I took my computer upstairs with me blasting Motown tunes. I left my phone on the docking station in the kitchen. After showering, blowing out my hair, etc., I emerged from upstairs at around 12:38. I know, because I looked at the clock. 

Back in the kitchen, with the music still playing, I realized I had 5 missed text messages, and numerous missed calls.  I was slightly confused as I began to read the messages. 

At 12:13 a message from Sis: Am outside are you here

A few minutes later: Hellloooooo

Then: K am leaving tried knocking, texting, calling don't want to be the creepy gal on the porch

Finally: R u alive

Then Mama starts texting: Shelby where r u? 

Oh dear. I didn't know Little Sis was coming to get me. I thought she was going to wait to hear from me when I finished getting ready. I call her number. 

"What's going on? I'm fine. I was in the shower," I say. 

"Your neighbor is up a ladder trying to break into the house.You need to call Mama and let her know you're alive." 

Now, please try to understand, I had no idea anyone was looking for me. I had no idea any of this was going on. 

First thing Mama says to me is, "You had us all worried." 

Correction: I had no one worried. Little sister had EVERYONE worried. 

As I opened the front door, my sister's husband was pulling onto the street. I even had to call Mountain Ma and tell her to turn around, I was alive and perfectly fine. I really half expected to see a fire truck come barreling up the road the way they were all carrying on. 

I asked Little sis what got her all worked up. And I guess the only reason in her mind that I wouldn't answer my phone or her knocking on the door and the window and shouting through the mail slot was that I must have passed out. 

I have no history of passing out people. I am basically a picture of health.

"At least you'll have something to blog about," she said. 

I hate that so many people were worried about me. I really don't enjoy being the center of attention in any situation, but especially not when they all think I have come to some sort of harm. But that's the danger of being a gypsy. People worry an extra lot about me. Especially people with active imaginations. They create all sorts of scenarios. Maybe they've spent too much time watching true crime shows. 

I'm not sure how we all got by before cell phones. I wonder if there was a higher rate of requests for welfare checks . . .Or maybe people just worried less and trusted more. 

In the meantime, I will try to be more diligent about keeping my phone nearby in case you need me. But the next time I don't answer your calls or texts, try to trust that there is a logical explanation. Wait an hour or two. And if I still haven't gotten back to you, then you can hit the panic button. 

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