Monday, June 24, 2013

Mountain Blues, er Junes

I hope you all were able to enjoy the first few days of summer. I have learned since moving to this mountain town that June is always wet. It doesn't matter of May is sunny and dry. June will always bring rain and hail. I've also learned that true summer-like weather is always a week late around here. 

This June has been true to form. We were hitting 90s a few weeks ago. And it's been hit and miss with clear weather ever since. Plenty of rain. Plenty of June hail. With just a few spots of sunshine. Saturday provided a brief break from the rain and cold. But the rain returned all day Sunday. 

My red boots are getting some use. Which may be the only silver lining for me. 

All I really want to do when it rains day after day is curl up with a blanket and nap until the sun returns. When I do nap, I dream of sunshine and sandy beaches. 

I'm crossing my fingers that the last weekend in June pulls through once again and produces clear skies and summer weather. 

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