Monday, June 3, 2013

reading and running

I finally got my hands on a book I've been meaning to read for years. Yes. Years. 

Have you read it? I loved Hillenbrand's Seabiscuit, so why it has taken me so long to sit down and read Unbroken is sort of beyond me. But I am finally reading and and loving it as well. Maybe it has something to do with being a bit of a runner myself. 

Speaking of running, I ran my first race in a year and a half this weekend. A 5k. Not my best race ever, but I did it. 

Younger sis and I after the race

Nothing like the marathon I ran back in 2011. How is it that I managed to go through all of 2012 without a single race? Again, I have no excuse for myself. 

But back to books. I was just recommending a book to the owner of a shop I frequent on my lunch breaks and after work. The book I was suggesting is hands-down one of, if not, the best book I've ever read. Have you read Jeanette Walls' The Glass Castle? I loaned my copy out to someone over a year ago and still need to hunt it down. 

Thinking about Walls' book, I came across a recent article about her in the NY Times. You should read that too. I just love when Walls says, “We all have our baggage, and I think the trick is not resisting it but accepting it, understanding that the worst experience has a valuable gift wrapped inside if you’re willing to receive it . . . So, O.K., Mom kept the chocolate bar. But she gave me a lot of good material.”

Her words speak across a variety of life experiences. 

I work in family law where people lives are turned upside down. When I first meet clients, their lives are typically in flux as all their hopes and dreams have crumbled around them. But by the time they cease being clients, it's easy to tell those who are going to accept their baggage and experiences and those who will continue to resist it all. 

We all have those life experiences, whether it's something as serious as a neglected childhood or divorce, or something as simple as the every day bumps in the road that keep us from reading good books and signing up for races. 


  1. I have been meaning to read this book too! I didn't know you we're reading it. If only I had started reading it when I first picked it up we would have been reading it at the same time.

    1. Get reading, girl! I'm already over halfway through.

  2. Oh my! This is a terrific book. I read it when it first came out. I cried so much. This story sticks with you. I feel like am reading it again just talking about it with you. There are so many life changing moments recorded within the covers.

    1. It's a page turner for sure, but not an easy thing to read. Glad I'm finally getting through it though.