Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trailer for sale or rent

Vintage Airstream Caravan Trailer by Karen Arnold

I'm cruising right along in my little gypsy life. All the rain is helping me keep the plants and the yard alive.

Today was garbage day again. In a week's time, I barely produced one bag of garbage. For some reason, mostly because I've generally had communal garbage receptacles, I had no idea how little waste I created on a week-by-week basis. Now I know. And it makes me happy that I'm being so green. At least this week. 

Now that I'm full-swing into gypsy life, I have this thing where I tell people I live in a car. Like, "I don't need presents for my birthday. I live in a car!" Or "I don't have to deal with landlords. I live in a car!" I am pretty sure they all just roll their eyes at me. Especially anyone who has seen the house I'm living in currently. It's a great place. And I love it. And it's not like living in a car at all. The comfy bed I get to sleep in each night is nothing like sleeping in a car, which I have done more times than I can count. You know, because I'm a gypsy, and I live in a car! 

But the other parts of those statements are true. Very true. The last time I was a gypsy living in other people's homes, I was gifted with a painting for my birthday. Like a painting you hang on a wall. Only I didn't have a wall to hang it on. It's a beautiful painting by a very talented artist, who I had the pleasure of staying with and watching paint (go check out Miss Stacy Howell. I'm serious when I say she is wonderful). I love that birthday painting. My entire apartment was decorated with consideration to that painting. So don't take this the wrong way, but paintings are an impractical sort of gift for anyone who lives in their car. 

The cherished painting is currently on loan to the person who bought it for me while I lead my gypsy life. On the one hand, I can't wait to have a house with a big comfy bed to sleep in each night and a wall on which to hang my birthday painting. But on the other hand, the longer I live this gypsy life, the more I dream of getting a trailer and making this life permanent. Then I could tell people, "I live in a car." And it'd be true. And they couldn't argue with me. 


  1. I always wanted one of those airstream trailers. Maybe I am actually a gypsy at heart too :)

    1. Airstreams are pretty sweet. I've been to the dealer in Portland just to look around for the fun of it and pretend like I'm in the market for one. That's my idea of a good time!