Monday, July 29, 2013

Saddle Up

I grew up in a rodeo town. And anyone who has seen a rodeo knows that when a cowboy gets bucked off a horse, he doesn't stay on the ground. No. He gets up. Dusts himself off. And gets back on that horse.  

That's what I decided to do this weekend. In an effort to conquer the hammock, I decided to pull my sleeping bag out and spend all night under the stars. 

I am proud to say I managed to stay in the hammock all night long. Of course with utility workers drilling just half a block away all night long, I'm not sure how much sleep I actually got. But surely, my ability to balance on a hammock must be improving somewhat if I can last all night in one.

I will admit there were a few moments when I wanted to hop over the neighbor's fence and sleep on the trampoline instead. I thought better of that idea when I remembered I'd likely get drenched by the sprinkler system around 5 a.m.

How about you? Did you attempt to master any skills this weekend? Or did you keep your feet planted safely on the ground?

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