Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Internet: Bridging the Miles

Social media tends to get a bad rap for the way it depersonalizes relationships. And usually I agree. I was a late joiner to the fad, as I usually am. I still don't tweet or gram or even have a smart phone. I'm a rebel that way. But one thing I am thankful for is the ease in which social media helps me keep in touch with the people I left behind when I moved across the continent.

I still prefer to keep in touch with people nearby in more personal, face-to-face ways. But when that's not possible, the internet can be a useful tool to keep relationships alive.

I just spent the last week with one such friend. Kristine came all the way across the country to spend time out here in the this mountain town and to celebrate my birthday. We don't talk on the phone much. And are lucky if we see each other twice a year. But we're pretty good about keeping tabs on one another thanks to the internet. And we've been traversing the nation at least once a year to spent time here or there.

Last year when she came out, we put 1,000 miles on my car in a week's time making sure she saw all the local sights.  

A hazy day at Crater Lake in 2012
We went on a pirate themed dolphin cruise when I went out for a visit last year:

As cheesy as it sounds, the Pirate Cruise in 2012

The last week was spent going on more adventures and making more memories, all while putting fewer miles on the ol' Camry.

It involved birthday celebrations:

And parades and fireworks:


And outdoor adventures:

And dressing up and going out:


And oh so much more. I'm thankful we've been able to keep in touch thanks to the internet. Thank you for coming to see me and for such a fun week, Kristine. I love sharing this mountain town with visitors! (Next time, it's my turn to come out and see you.)

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