Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gypsy Life Wrap Up

I'm still plugging away at gypsy life. Things, as you may have noticed, are getting a little more hectic. More moving around as this gypsy living nears its probable end. I am moving about once a week now for the next few weeks. For someone who hates moving, it's sort of crazy. But then it's not really like moving, it's more like taking weeklong vacations, one right after the other. 

I will soon have to end this gypsy life though as the prospects for future house sitting gigs are dwindling as summer wraps up and school commences. It's been a fun and productive run. I've got to stay in some great homes of some really great people over the last few months. Enjoying their gardens and their patios and just their homes in general. And accomplishing a few of my own goals along the way.  But I didn't really think too much about this next part when I said "goodbye" to the little studio that was my home for over four years. 

I was talking to an acquaintance the other day about hunting for a housemate and the characters you can meet through Craigslist ads. It's been a number of years since I had to share my home, but that is very likely where this gypsy is headed very soon. The last time I was on a search for roommates, I was driving across the country headed to a new job and a new school thousands of miles away, where I effectively knew nobody. 

I don't remember a lot about that house hunt. I know a checked out a few places, and met a few potential housemates. I don't know why I ended up choosing the girls I did. It wasn't easy moving in with two girls I didn't know. But we managed. We may have managed with a lot of post-it-notes to each other, but we managed. (Side note: have you seen the passive aggressive roommate notes? We weren't that bad. But there were a few times . . .)

I'm starting to think about the qualities I'd want in a housemate this time around. So maybe I can avoid the note passing and actually enjoy living with someone after all these years. I am a homebody, so being comfortable where I live is important. But what do you look for in finding someone to share your home with? What is the most important? Cleanliness? Character? Congeniality? 

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