Monday, August 19, 2013

Loan Payoff Confirmed

Remember when I paid off my student loan last month and it all felt very unreal? It was anticlimactic. I did it. It was over. And that was it. 

I didn't expect a ticker tape parade. But I was hoping for some sort of acknowledgement from Sallie after such a long relationship. Some sort of recognition. I mean who wouldn't want that after a seven year affair? But she was acting like nothing happened, like it was business as usual, while I  knew our relationship had changed. 

A month later, I finally got what I was looking for: confirmation of having paid off that loan. It came this weekend in the form of an email. And what I hope is the last correspondence I receive from the lady. 

I'm wondering though, does she ever tell her customers that they were lousy and their business is not welcome in the future? Or is she so happy she has her money back, plus interest, that she doesn't care how it got there?


  1. I'll let you know in a few years as we've had a very tumultuous relationship and I'm a pretty lousy customer. Congratulations and I'm happy to hear you finally got confirmation! She should've sent flowers and chocolate. ;-)

    1. You are too funny, Nike! I would never turn down chocolate :) I know how it feels being the trenches though. Keep your eye on the end goal. It's sort of like running. You know the finish line is up ahead, but in the middle of the race you start to think it'll never end.