Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shark Week

I am going to assume by now that you all have heard of the blockbuster of the summer, Sharknado. What? You haven't heard? 

Okay. So not a major motion picture. But it is the surprising Syfy tv movie hit of the summer. I have not seen it. However, I have seen all the hype, and laughed through the trailer. 

Maybe we should all find a way to watch it, now that it's Shark Week and all. Which I was reminded of thanks to the bar around the corner. The bar? You ask. Why yes. The bar. There is a bar downtown that has a very clever sandwich board writer. I should go meet this person. 

I first noticed the bar's sandwich board a couple of months ago when this gem was posted:

"Relationships are like yard sales. From a distance they look pretty cool. Up close, it's just a bunch of junk you don't need."  

Don't even pretend that you're not laughing about that. 

The chalk board is nothing fancy. They don't use fancy fonts or drawings to draw attention. Just clever words on a board. Check out the Shark Week board:  

And of course, anyone who knows me, knows that I'd never be the one suggesting we all drink like fish. But it's funny, especially for a bar.


  1. I had no idea why people kept talking about Sharks. Life without TV and commercials, you know.