Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tending the Garden

This gypsy life has some perks. I get to spend weeks at a time enjoying other people's homes. Their patios. Their porches. And this week, their garden. 

The house I'm at this week has been transformed over the past couple of years. I watched the owners morph it from a run down, poorly insulated rental with dead grass and little attention paid to its appearance, into a beautifully restored home. They gutted it. Added on. And transformed the yard into a wonderland. A playground for the birds and the bees. It is truly stunning, even if you don't know this home's history. 

As I type, I sit on the porch overlooking the garden. The fence provides complete privacy. And I watch the birds. Over breakfast, over lunch, even dinner. I eat out here on the porch. Watching them fly from plant to tree. I love birds. Butterbean's master, Uncle Flash, got me hooked on bird watching. He was better at identifying them than I will ever be. But I love to watch.

Did you spot the hummingbird? They flit and fly all over the yard. I am not the only one keeping watch over them. 

Then there is the fruit and veggies, growing under sunflowers and along trellises. 

Tomatoes of all kinds. Beans on vines. 

 Blackeyed Susans.

Hollyhocks too.

It's beautiful here in this garden. The owners of this fine house spend so much time and thought and attention to their garden. In only its second year, their dedication shows. The birds appreciate it too.  

With company like this out the back door, it's easy to get used to this kind of gypsy life.


  1. Beautiful post... May I ask what kind of camera you have, it takes glorious pictures, I try to catch the hummingbird with my little digital but just doesn't work, thank and have a wonderful day. Debbie

    1. Thank you so much! I use an old Sony Cyber-shot that I got from a friend. It's like this one: I know nothing about photography, but have been told it's a step down from a DSLR.