Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dogs and Houses

Hope you all had a nice long weekend. I was busy, busy, busy all weekend working and taking care of three pooches and two houses. It was my last house sitting engagement for the time being. And I got to spend most of the time with this fellow:

This is Cooper. He was my companion this past week. He is an energetic 7-year-old, who loves to get out and go. We went for walks to the park and around town. If you've never taken a dog for a walk downtown there is something I've come to notice. I knew this before, but had forgotten. People are nicer, friendlier, when you have a dog with you. It's a fact, y'all. I walk the streets of this mountain town on a daily basis. I like to think I know a little bit about the behavior of people here. I don't get nearly as many smiles or hellos or actual conversations with strangers when I'm alone, as I do when I'm walking someone else's dog around town.

Now that house sitting gigs are over, I'm starting to seriously consider my next step and where this gypsy life will lead me. Thankfully I have a few weeks before I really need to figure it all out, since I'm leaving the country very soon and will be spending this week dedicated to preparing for that. So I'll just have to figure out where I'm going to live when I return.

Speaking of my trip, I had a nightmare that I got to the airport and realized I forgot to pack snacks. The horror! As many have learned, this girl must be fed.  It is not a pretty sight when food is not offered at appropriate intervals. So the purchasing of snacks in high on the priority list right now.

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