Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My 10 minute hairstyle

I had short hair forever. Remember how I told you I have super fine hair that doesn't hold a style. That was why I stuck with hair above shoulder length for years. And then I decided to grow it out and give long hair a try. But I still like a simple routine. Blow dry and go. I don't use a lot of product or spend a lot of time on my hair. My super fine hair dries in under 5 minutes with a blow dryer. But sometimes I mix things up.

Yesterday, a client asked me what I'd done differently with my hair. At first I couldn't think of what she was talking about. I mean I curled it, which is sort of rare. And then I was talking to my sister who wanted ideas for how to fix her hair. So I've re-created yesterday's 10 minute hair style for you. 

I had been to the gym and washed my hair after, so I threw my wet hair in a bun before bed, using a scrunchy left over from the '90s. This is what is looked like the next morning:

After taking it out of the bun, combing it out with a wide-tooth comb, and applying a smoothing serum to minimize the frizz and fly-a-ways that my hair is prone to, it looked like this: 

So I grabbed the curling iron I rarely use and curled just the ends, a la Kate Middleton. I combed it out and sprayed it and this is what I got: 

And that, folks, is how I fix my long hair in 10 minutes or less.


  1. Love love love the curls on the end! You look WAY better than Kate :)

    1. You're generous, and maybe biased, but thank you. I'd guess she spends more than 10 minutes a day fixing her hair. But I don't have that kind of time. :)