Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pedicures and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Did you know, that at $4.75, seven Pumpkin Spice Lattes cost you about $35.

Maybe you’re at Starbucks right now, fueling up before a Saturday afternoon pedicure. That pedicure is going to be another $35.

While you’re relaxing in the seat using your $35 per month data plan, your best friend texts you to set up a last minute dinner and movie double date.

Dinner out at your favorite Italian place, $35.

Two tickets to “The Family” at the nearest cinema along with the standard soda and popcorn, you guessed it, $35.

$35 per month is all it takes to sponsor a child in Guatemala.

That is 1 dinner out.

1 date night at the movies.

1 pedicure.

Or 7 lattes.

For every one of those $35 World Vision receives, only 15 cents goes to administrative costs. But because World Vision maximizes those 15 cents, they end up raising even more money. The result is that for every $1 donation to World Vision, $1.30 is spent in places like Guatemala. That’s money that goes directly to provide services for sponsor children like Gerson and those waiting for a sponsor, like Angel. No dollar spent on a latte can guarantee that great a return.

What are you going to spend $35 on this week?

Sponsor a Child in Guatemala


  1. Jason and I were just having a conversation a couple weekends ago about how fast Americans can blow through money. (This was in the context of what we budgeted for our anniversary weekend in Bend and how the number seemed ridiculous for one weekend, but was the cheapest we could do it based on the fact we were traveling and staying over night.) I think breaking down the numbers really helps put cost in perspective for people. You could treat yourself 7 times or you could bless someone once and impact their life.

    1. I'm sorry I missed you all when you were in town. It's true that we can pretty mindlessly spend a bunch of money with nothing to show for it. Although I'd say something like an anniversary and making memories with loved ones is sort of an invaluable investment.