Wednesday, October 9, 2013

E-Readers and a PSA

I finally finished that book I was reading on the borrowed Nook. I officially haven't been converted to e-Reader enthusiast. I liked it for the treadmill, but it might just be because I hate running on the treadmill more than just about anything else.

In order to finish reading that book so that I could return the e-reader, at least a week late because I am a very slow reader, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning the other day. And let me just give you a tip you if you live alone or with a couple of dogs that are not your own or in someone else's house, there are a couple of things you should not do. Because television shows and novels don't come with public service announcements warning you of their dangers.

1) Don't watch true crime investigations until midnight. I have been known to do this. Even when I know what it'll do to me. I can't help myself when I want the good guys to catch the murderer and then the jury to bring down the conviction. It sucks me in like a black hole and I can't look away.


2) Don't read novels where the cold-blooded murderer, who got off on a technicality, is in the &woods hunting down the only witnesses to this crime, the two young children of the woman he killed. Especially when the book never resolves and the reader just has to hope that bad guy is gone for good.

If you refuse to listen to this warning and do either of the above (or choose to watch a thriller or horror movie before bed), I guarantee your night is going to go something like this:

And any noise you hear, be it the house creaking, or the wind through the trees, is gonna turn you into a scaredy cat, much like this: 

After dreaming someone is hunting you down in the woods like Bambi all night, you're gonna wake up relieved you're still alive. But you're gonna need a big cup of coffee (or if like me you aren't a coffee fan, make that Irish Breakfast tea) to get you started the next day. 

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