Friday, October 4, 2013

Everyday, Ordinary Kindness

Yesterday a client walked in with chocolate. 

Today another brought a latte. 

Random acts of kindness. 

In nearly half a decade at this job, working in family law, with people whose lives are turned upside down, this is not common. And by not common, I mean it never happens, especially not two days in a row. Usually it's my job to calm tears and coax smiles. 

Answering phones. Copying documents. It's not a glamorous job. The days can blur into each other.

The chocolate surprised me. It put a smile on my face. The latte humbled me. 

These were gifts brought by people in the midst of some of life's biggest turmoils. Yet they both went out of their way to thank me for the simple job I do every day. Knowing what I know about what they are dealing with, I can't hardly express what their gifts mean. 

The news may be dominated by tragedy and natural disasters and uncooperative politicians. But right here in this ordinary, everyday life, live people of kindness. 

Have you seen the Science of Happiness video yet? 


Have you thanked someone recently with a letter or a small gift? Has someone shown you unexpected gratitude? 

I am a send-a-note kind of person. I love fancy letterpress cards and handwritten words. Before any of this, the chocolate and the latte, I'd written a note to send to someone who I get to work with on occasion, thanking her for the job she does. It's sitting on my desk waiting for me to put a stamp on it. I'd love to hear your stories.  

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  1. Yep. Happiness begets happiness. Surround yourself with people who are thankful.