Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living out of a Suitcase

Disclosure: My life is not this tidy

This whole gypsy living thing is starting to remind me of the time my parents sold their old house before we could move into their new house. So for a month or two we lived in a basement apartment. My sisters and I were the same size and shared a wardrobe. During that time our clothes were stored in a giant cardboard box that we'd dive into every day to figure out what we were going to wear. Imagine a few preteen girls leaning into that box every morning, and then imagine what that box looked like after a month. Sides bent, bowed, and torn, clothes spilling out of it. That's sort of what my life looks like right now.  

I found my checkbook this morning. I had been wondering were it was for a few days. I used it recently. I knew it had to be somewhere. The where was the difficult part. You see I moved again last week. This gypsy is house and dog sitting again and my life is feeling a little bit cluttered and chaotic at the moment. 

The checkbook wasn't the only thing I lost in this move. On Saturday, I couldn't figure out where I put my purse. My checkbook wasn't in my purse, but my driver's license and everything else was. I couldn't find my purse and I was late for a community service project. It was raining and cold. But I couldn't find my purse, so I couldn't stop for a hot drink even though I wanted it. 

I had already checked my current location, my car, and my sister's house, when on my way home that check engine light came on. And when it did, I prayed and prayed I'd make it the few blocks home before the car gave out because I had no idea what I would do on the side of the road with a car that wouldn't go and not so much as a dollar in my pocket. 

But as you know I made it home, and I eventually found my purse and my wallet (they had been there all along) before I headed out to get the car running again. 

That's the thing about gypsy living though. It's hard to keep track of everything when it's spread out in different locations. And maybe it's a sign that I just have too much stuff, which is probably true too. I have clothes and a few books and my computer and some shoes and my rain boots and coats with me. But I left other things, summer clothes and my sewing machine and important paperwork at my sister's house. I have some nice dresses that I never wear but have just in case I ever get the chance to wear them hanging up in a friend's closet. 

And soon, because it was 27 degrees Fahrenheit in this mountain town when I woke up this morning, I am going to have to head to the shed that is home to my boxes and boxes of books and furniture and figure out where I put my puffy down coat and my snow boots, because it's cold, and I need warmer clothes. Leggings can only do so much to transition my summer wear to winter wear. It's only the second day of October and already leggings aren't cutting it. 

I am still figuring out this gypsy living thing. Organization is important. But it's hard to stay organized after moving something around 10 times in five months. The next thing on my "to find list" is a notebook where I keep my lists of things to do. I seem to have misplaced it in the last week. It's around somewhere I'm sure. It's the where that's the difficult part.

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