Monday, October 28, 2013

Post Trip Blues

There were snow flakes and ice on my windshield this morning and the clouds are so thick I am not even sure if the sun is actually behind them and it's 10:00 a.m. But let's not talk about how NOT awesome Monday mornings are. Especially Monday mornings that follow epic weekends.

My weekend started Wednesday night when I hopped a plane and flew across the country. I got one more state checked off my list.

I finally made it to Connecticut!

I spent four lovely days with some of the greatest people I know. You know you've met some wonderful people when less than two months after meeting on the World Vision Blogger trip, we were ready to gather for a reunion. Roo and her adorable family were gracious hosts. They showed me around and took me to the boardwalk and got me feeling right at home at a barn dance. Complete with chocolate on my pillow and the most incredible baked goods made daily by her husband! (I don't even want to know how much weight I gained.)

Caleb and his family drove up super early Saturday for a Halloween themed 5k. The caped crusaders rocked the race. And Zack and his lovely wife joined us for dinner and pie that night.

More photographic evidence from the trip is sure to come. I wouldn't say I'm suffering from jet lag, because that just doesn't happen for me between East and West coast. But I would say, I do have the post vacation blues exacerbated by extreme change (for the worse) in temperatures.

Don't worry though. I'm working through it by nibbling on chocolate, avoiding looking out the window at the winter weather, and scheming up ways I can add more reunions with friends in the 11 states I have yet to visit (technically I've been to an airport in Michigan, but airports don't really count).

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