Monday, October 14, 2013

Trail Buddy

You can find a recipe for just about anything online these days. Nobody uses cookbooks and recipe cards anymore. They just pin it to their Pinterest board. So here's one more recipe for you:

A Good Sunday Run:

First, lace up your new trail shoes.

Then add the following:

1 sister biking alongside you + 1 gorgeous fall trail. 

It's that easy. I know we look too happy there on the right for that to be the end of the run, but it was. Pinky promise. But how could we not be happy with those views? We even saw a few mountains peeking behind the clouds. 

But it wasn't the views that made the run a good one. I've run that same trail countless times over the years, as it is only a half mile from my former home. My trail buddy is what made all the difference. I've never run with someone biking beside be before. Unless you count my coach in college, but he was keeping track of about 30 runners, so I'm gonna say that doesn't count. Until yesterday, I've never had my own personal cheerleader riding with me. So I felt pretty special to have someone out there with me on the trail. She talked and kept me company and help motivate me to keep going. Mostly having a buddy kept my mind off all the aches and pains and kept me focused on moving forward. 

I should give some credit to the new gear. I abuse my running shoes something terrible. I usually don't retire them until they are so worn they are held together by mere threads. So the new footwear does help with the running. New gear is a good motivator to get out and use it anyway. I always say you gotta dress the part. If you want to feel like a runner, you've gotta look like one. 

Eight miles later, I'm feeling much better about the half marathon coming up. Now if I could only convince the sister to come along for every run!  

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