Monday, November 25, 2013

Road trip

I love to drive. It's difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that my great-grandmother never learned how to drive.

I drive just to go somewhere. I drive even when there is nowhere to go.

I realized that while I've done plenty of travelling this year, I haven't been on many road trips. I needed to fix that. I made some time this weekend to get back out on the road. It's been very cold in the mountains, but so far the snow has stayed at bay, which made a spontaneous road trip possible. I packed my bags and left right after work, ready to spend the weekend with my parents.

I got to go shopping with Mama. Hang with Dad. And give the dogs lots of love.

It had been too long since my last visit. Nearly a year. But sometimes, everyone needs to go home, even for just a quick weekend. To travel the roads you first learned to drive. To hear once again the radio stations of your youth. To see faces of people who knew you back when. There is something about going home.

But a quick trip means it's over to soon. Lucky for me, I love driving in the evening. And my trek between the mountains and home has some incredible views.

Chasing the sunset.

Don't worry, Mama. I pulled over to take these photos. 

Do you ever feel the need to get in the car and go?


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  1. glad you cleared that up for me. nice photos, missy. great to have you home, too!