Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas is for kids

I know I've been absent around here. I took a little break for the holidays. With all the fudge making and shopping and gift wrapping, not to mention traveling, I felt more like relaxing than writing. 

Last week, seems to have been a week full of children. First it was my nephew entertaining everyone with his antics, from riding his school bus to his lip sync routine. We also took him swimming, easily one of his absolutely favorite activities. Such a different Christmas than last year, when he fell asleep after opening the first gift. 

I spent one evening with my cousin's son, who I haven't seen in nearly a year. He's grown into such a little boy with his big eyes and giant dimples and head full of hair. 
And I even got to head over to visit a friend and her brand new grandbaby. The precious baby spent the entire time asleep in my arms. Her big sister and I became fast friends the first time we meet, when I read book after book to her. She has grown into such a little story teller, and it was wonderful to spend the day with her.  

Being Auntie has become one of my favorite titles in life. 

The week included more relaxing than doing. Movie theater with the family. Candlelight service. Pedicures. Visit to the grandparents. And all my favorite childhood Christmas flicks. Christmas just isn't Christmas without "White Christmas." 

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