Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tradition. Tradition.

On the street where I grew up, I knew my neighbors by name. Maybe because I delivered their newspaper, back in the day of door-to-door collection. But also because that street was in a small town. It's easier to know your neighbor in a small town than in a big one, where you might not ever run into them at the grocers or the post office. 

Back on the street where I lived, one neighbor made Christmas candy. Every year. Without fail. A tin of chocolates filled with orange creme and mint, and the trick was figuring out which little chocolate drop contained your favorite flavor. Inevitably, I'd choose the wrong one. 

A few years ago, my sister and I started our own holiday tradition. Making cookies and fudge, and sometimes other crafty things like felt ornaments. 

Last week, we got together and decorated my sister's tree:

And on Sunday, we spent all afternoon making fudge. We skipped the cookies this year, and focused only on the fudge. Mint, peanut butter, and sea salt and Nutella. 

We had to wait for it to set, then we packaged it all up in gift bags to give away. Because we sure couldn't eat an entire afternoon's worth of fudge. 

Yesterday, after work, I got to walk through my old neighborhood, knocking on doors and delivering that fudge to everyone I knew. Some were home and I got to visit with them. Others were not, so I left them with a card on the front porch. 

Traditions don't have to be something that you've done all your life. New traditions can start any time. What Christmas traditions do you participate in? Do you make goodies to give away? Or are you starting a new tradition this year? 


  1. I am so proud of you and the way you connect with your community. I remember (about a hundred years ago) when we lived in Joseph and we did know all of our neighbors, in fact we knew almost everyone in town because it was so small! Anyway, my mom would make plates and plates of cinnamon rolls and on Christmas morning before we could open our gifts your dad and I would have to deliver those rolls to our relatives and neighbors. I think one of my cousins still says she can't have Christmas without Aunt G's rolls :) I need to find something like that I can do here. I love what you and K did!

  2. Dad never told me that. It reminds me of a scene I love in Susan Sarandon's "Little Women" when the girls sing as they head off to take their Christmas breakfast to the neighbors. I don't imagine you and Dad singing while you delivered Grandma's cinnamon rolls. I remember getting a plate of her rolls every year. It's been a long time. Hope to make it over the mountain to see everyone next week.

  3. Believe me NO ONE wanted to hear your dad and I singing :) but they definitely were happy for the cinnamon rolls! Bill and I dropped Lane off over the weekend so we were able to deliver our Christmas cheer to them in person. I know they would love to see you!

    1. Ha! I'm sure you weren't that bad. I've heard my dad sing :-) I heard you were going to be there, but I got my days all confused and though it was this coming weekend.