Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating Oscar

At some point in my growing up years, my parents gave up paying for cable television. As such, we got zero stations. Not even PBS. We had ants crawling across the screen. That was it.

They didn't get rid of the television though. They kept the VCR. And we used it frequently. So frequently in fact that at one point in my life I could carry on full conversations using nothing but movie quotes. It really annoyed people when while watching a movie I'd seen umpteen times, I'd spout every single line.

So it's no surprise then that Oscar night was a big night, after watching so many movies throughout the year. But obviously since we didn't have television, we'd have to move our party elsewhere. When a television was installed in my dad's classroom, Mama would have us girls load up the beanbag chairs in her Previa. And we'd grab the M&Ms and Diet Coke and head to the school to watch the start walk the red carpet and make their acceptance speeches.

Being a bit like my parents were at my age, I don't even own a television. So it's been a few years since I've been able to watch the Oscars. My roommate has a television though, and with a little tweaking of the antenna we can get a couple of stations.

Last night, my sister and I got to recreate our Oscar parties from so long ago.

The beanbag chairs were upgraded to couches. We traded M&Ms for homemade Bob's Red Mill popcorn, southwest seasoning courtesy of Martha.  In addition to the air-popped corn, and because I am on a eating as local as possible kick, we had some local treats made right here in Bend, Oregon.

Bonta gelato and Atlas hard cider. We had the original cider, which has just the right balance of sweetness and tart. If you're a cider drinker, you know what I'm talking about. To top everything else off with a sweet treat, we went with the Coconut Lime sorbetto. A great dairy-free options for anyone looking for one.

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