Monday, June 16, 2014

A Weekend List

Today is one of those days that I wished I was a coffee drinker. I am tired. Tired in a it's Monday morning coming out of a full, FULL, weekend.

Friday was for working and cycle pub driving and barbecues with neighbors and making jam until midnight, just because it was on my list of things to accomplish for the day. (And yes, I realize, that at some point I just need to throw the list out the window. But . . .) 

Saturday was an early riser to road trip with my sister. We went to Western Oregon University's graduation to see a dear friend walk across the stage. We are so proud of Miss Victoria. 

 We had a fun afternoon together. Playing with our nephew and visiting with good friends.

Sunday was a long day. I spent 6 1/2 hours working in the yard. My old neighborhood is full of wonderful gardeners, and they all decided to gift me with a "free" garden. (My grandpa says it isn't really free because I had to do so much work.) It was a lot of work to get everything transplanted and in the ground before dark. But I did it. And it was satisfying work indeed. A neighbor even stopped by to tell me how impressed she was with my quick work. Hopefully, the next time she stops by we'll be able to enjoy a glass of ice tea with a sprig of mint and enjoy the view.

Daisies and mint, lemon balm and kale, sunflowers and parsley. Giant parsley.

This picture is deceptive. It's huge. And that's after I cut it back.  

I might be the most excited about this gem. 

What is it? You ask. 3rd Street rhubarb. The root is planted awaiting my very own rhubarb. But until then, I've got some fresh cut stocks ready to whip up some strawberry rhubarb jam. Just one more thing to add to my list of tasks to accomplish tonight. 

There is so so much more that was also planted, but I can't remember what. I did get a few seeds, a gift from Mountain Ma, in the ground as well. Cross your fingers that I'll be able to keep all of these wonderful plants alive. 

There were many, many other things on my weekend to-do list that were not accomplished. Clean car. Unpack books. Send Father's Day gift to Dad. Just to name a few. What was on your list this weekend? 

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