Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Escaping the 80's: a cry for help

Are y'all up for helping me out with something here?

Clearly this is in no way an interior design blog. But I have a home decor dilemma. My tiny house has a very dated kitchen. Need proof? Here it is:

I know the 80's look is so the thing right now. But I still maintain some fashions should never return. Never. And this kitchen is one of them.

I knew from the first day I looked at the place that those kitchen cabinets were so not okay with me. But obviously not hideous enough to rule out living here for an extended period of time. So I began searching for a way that I could transform them.

I eventually landed on the idea of vinyl wall decals. Which are nice in that they aren't terribly expensive and they aren't permanent, so they are great for a rental in which you can't make drastic alterations.

I landed on some gold and silver triangle decals to help tie in some other gold accents going on in other places in the house. I also thought it would be subtle enough to make the cabinets look more updated without drawing too much unneeded attention their way.

So last week, I finally got around to taping some of the decals up to figure out a design I liked. I started with the upper cabinets. After a bit of sketching things out and calculating needs, I decided to take the ruler, the tape, and the decals and wing it.

This is where I landed (please ignore the counter mess, I have been working on this project in between batches of jam):

I finally got around to the lower cabinets last night. But now I'm wondering if it's all a bit too busy.

Tell me what you think. I really do want to hear your ideas for this place. Unless of course you love the white 80's cabinets. If that's the case, we can no longer be friends.


  1. I hate those cabinets. We had that same set up in our first apartment. I like the design on the upper cabinets, but then it gets too busy. Good luck finding something that works!

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one whose had to suffer through these guys :-) Still working on finding the right fix.