Monday, July 7, 2014

The Hillbilly Grill

Sundays are adventure days around here. Since I started driving the Cycle Pub, it's often the only day I don't work during the summer months. And one Sunday last month, I logged an adventure for the record books. 

My good friend deserves all the credit here. We'd been talking for a month about how I need a grill now that I have a yard. So when we saw one for free on the side of the road, we obviously had to stop. 

I was skeptical. Sure it was free, but did we even believe that it worked? My friend was much more optimistic, and insisted we load the sucker into my Camry. Especially, after a guy in a truck whipped around the corner. We'd barely beaten him to the find. 

Now don't get me wrong. I often extol the hauling capabilities of my little ol' Camry. But even she has her limits. And this green grill, I was certain was it. 

"Maybe I stay here, and you go get a truck," I told my friend. 

Unfortunately, all the tools I usually carry in my trunk were removed during the move and hadn't yet found their way back to the car for moments like these. But if I am stubborn, my friend is even more so. I think sheer willpower got the thing wedged into the trunk.

Then came the task to secure it. You will not believe what became "rope" in our quest to tie this barbecue down. 

Jumper cables? Check. 

Plastic grocery bag? Check. Check. 

Again, let me state clearly, I do not deserve the credit for any of this. Both my friend and I have hillbilly backgrounds, but I stood by in shock and awe and watched MacGyver take over. Then I gave my friend the keys to the car and said, "OK, you drive!" 

And somehow we made it home without incident. Well, unless you count the stares from everyone wondering what the heck we were doing. And the rash I got on my arm from touching the thing. That green paint rubs off like chalk on a blackboard. But that's the story of how I got a free grill.

Now the cleaning and restoring of the grill is another story for another day.


  1. I'm curious to hear how it all turned out!

  2. So the big question is - does it work? Way to be creative!!!!!

    1. Like I said, I deserve none of the creativity credit. :-)