Answering the Call

It was a Wednesday morning. I sat at my desk at the office, scrolling through the pictures. Reading each child's story. My heart split.

I had to choose one. I made the decision to sponsor a child with World Vision. This was the hard part. I had to choose which child to sponsor. And here I wanted to choose them all. But I couldn't. It's not realistic for me to sponsor every child in need. But I can sponsor one.

Which one, God? How do I know which one? That was my cry.

A couple of years ago, I sat in a lunch session at the very first Justice Conference. I remember listening to Lynne Hybels (I am fairly certain it was Hybels who was giving the talk in the session, but I don't have a photographic memory and my notes are packed away in a shed). It was a session geared toward women. How we see these big problems in the world and we want to fix them, but it can be so overwhelming to know where to begin. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of need paralyzes us into doing nothing at all. It's discouraging for sure. But then she said, we each need to ask God, "What's mine to do?" Sometimes he says, "No. That's not your job." But other times God says, "Go. Do."

It is the same charge that I wrote about concerning hunger and injustice after attending last year's Justice Conference: Choose one thing and do it. 

Revolutions start with one person crying out. Justice starts with one person meeting the need they see in front of them. One person answering the call to act is how movements get started. Like Have you heard of it?  Founder Chase Adam saw a need while  in Costa Rica, and came up with a solution to fund medical procedures for people who can't afford it. You can hear him talk about it on Here & Now.


Is this mine to do? That is the question I fell back on over a month ago when I was asked to join World Vision on a trip to Guatemala.

I am going to Guatemala in a few weeks. To see the work World Vision is doing. 

At my desk, I clicked on a photo and hit submit.

I can't sponsor all the children in Guatemala. Not alone. But I can change the life of one child. With your help, perhaps together we can make sure every child in the community where I will be visiting is sponsored. We can begin to reach this goal through prayer. 

I ask that you pray with me as I prepare for this journey. Pray for the children in Guatemala. For the work World Vision is accomplishing there. And if your prayers lead you to action, click here to sponsor a child in the community where I will be going.