Guatemala at a Glance

I am finally going through the few photos I did stop and take last week. We had real photographers there, so I didn't bother taking too many of my own, since I knew theirs would come out much better. I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of what I saw. 

Guatemala, at lease where we were, is very green. It is a beautiful country. 

In case you can't tell. That's an active volcano on the left. We got to see it smoking away. I know it looks likes clouds, but you're just going to have to take my word. It's smoke. 

More green as we drove along the windy roads. 

Bonus visit with sponsor children

One day while visiting with Abner and his mom. Our sponsor childrenJefferson and Gerson, showed up to play ball. They live a few doors down. We convinced them to stay and listen to Abner play. Afterward the boys played soccer, and we got to meet their older siblings and visit with their mother, Marta, again. It was a great little bonus visit. Somewhere there are photos with the family and us. I don't have those ones yet, but I do have a few of us listening to music and playing soccer. 


Chickens and roosters were pretty much everywhere. I think they're pretty. And I had to take pictures for Mama. Chickens are pretty important characters in her new novel "Mother of Rain". You all should read it. I know you'd love it.

I'll be back next week with a more substantial post about Guatemala and the work World Vision is doing there. Thank you for being patient with me this week.

Sponsor a Child in Guatemala