Hi, I'm Shelby Dee. 

Pausing at the aqueducts on a
Hemingway-inspired tour of Spain.  
At least that's what my family calls me. I grew 
up surrounded by books. Now I'm a content writer for a book publisher, which basically means I get paid to read books and write about it. 

I love the process of books being born. What starts out as an idea, a dream, a hope, slowly transforms to words on page. And after lots of work, by teams of people, it becomes a beautiful book. That book is a living thing. It takes readers on a journey to places they might never have gone. It can keep memories alive through storytelling, and it can help create new ones. A single book can spark conversation long after the last page is read.

Given the impact of a single book—words matter. Both spoken and written. I have worked with award-winning authors and brands, including World Vision and Zondervan, to provide writing, editing, and research skills. I’ve worked on a variety of creative and technical projects from employee handbooks and office manuals, to novels, and even one book on sports rivalries. 

I strive to use my words and knowledge of words to provide clients with clear, concise writing and editing, and to teach others the power of a pen.